Not another discount scheme?

Correct! Wherever the abuzzTM rewards programme is used, you probably won't find once-off discounts or specials, but you will find the most valuable tool in today's fight for customer retention: cashback rewards. 
By offering cashback rewards in exchange for custom, you incentivise your customers to support your business more frequently, accumulate rewards, and redeem them whenever they wish.
Remember, a discount only serves to devalue your product, and doesn't encourage repeat business.
The abuzz rewards programme is perfect for wine clubs, retail outlets, restaurants and hospitality establishments and is an integrated package of products. We take the confusion and cost out of building your own programme, helping you to build the system you need, and giving you full control. 
Your abuzz rewards campaign will include:
  • Individually branded smart cards: let your customers be your brand ambassadors.
  • Flexible rules and rewards: to create your reward structure, tiered or non-tiered.'
  • Web-terminal: the abuzz programme is run online, independent of any one Point of Sale system, completely portable, and there is no software installation required.
abuzz metrics: full access to your customer purchase behaviour, demographics and transactions history. 
How will you benefit?
  • Save money: The cost of acquiring a new customer is much greater than retaining an existing one.
  • Specific product target marketing: By identifying customer spending habits, you can be specific with your marketing campaigns.
  • Promoting repeat business: Your customers will return again and again to accumulate and redeem their rewards.
  • Create and grow a significant customer database: as customers register for their rewards cards, their personal and contact details are recorded. This data is exclusively yours.
  • Communicate effectively: Using our portfolio of viral marketing tools, you can maintain instant contact with your customers. 
Let abuzz help you to own your market